Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet



You won't believe your eyes!

Driven by the desire to improve a welder's working conditions, Optrel has spent years researching the latest technologies to improve the welder's vision.

Well protected yet clear vision

Clear vision while working is a given for most professions. This is not the case for welders. The need to protect the eyes from the radiation of the welding arc creates a blurred view of the workplace.

Crystal Lens Technology

To improve the welder's vision, Optrel introduces Crystal Lens Technology (CLT2.0). With a light transmission of 31% when open (protection level 2), welders get a clear view of their work environment. The perception of colours in the open position is almost the same as looking through a clear window glass. In the closed position, the colour spectrum of the CLT2.0 ensures a detailed view of the weld pool during welding.



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